The Five C's 


Cut, the most important C, is the craftsmanship that brings light into the stone. A poorly cut stone will diminish the diamond's brilliance. Hearne's loose diamonds are ideally cut to allow for maximum brilliance and fire natural to a good cut stone.


Diamonds with absolutely no color are very rare. Most stones contain a hint of color which is ranked on a scale from D to Z. Where D is colorless, Z gradually move towards a noticeable color of yellow or brown.


Clarity refers to the number and degree of inclusions that are naturally part of a diamond's formation. Inclusions can appear as dark spots or as crystal feathers or bubbles. Flawless diamonds are very rare. Inclusions are ranked on a scale by the ease of visibility. These inclusions range from flawless to imperfect.

Carat weight

Diamonds are measured in carat weight. A full carat equals 100 points. This weight system determines  the size of the stone which impacts its value along with the color, cut, and clarity of the stone.

Conflict free

Hearne's fine jewelry prides itself in purchasing diamonds from legitimate sources not involved in funding conflict. All suppliers guarantee this in writing according to compliance with UN resolutions.